Sometimes you may need to know some of your PHP configurations like memory_limit, max_execution_time etc to install new scripts that may need more memory. You can actually change most of the values, but you first need to know the actual settings. To do that, you need to create a phpinfo page which when executed on your hosting server will shows all your php configuration settings.

You can easily create a phpinfo page by simply putting the following code in a php file and executing it on your server,

Creating & Viewing your phpinfo.php file

1. Open notepad and paste the above code in that file.

2. Save the file as “phpinfo.php” and while saving the file make sure the Save as type: All Files is selected.

3. Upload the phpinfo.php file to your root directory of your server mostly likely it will be public_html

4. To view the uploaded file just open your preferred browser and type in the URL of the file, for example if you uploaded the file to your root directory public_html then you would type

5. Now you can see your PHP configuration page.

Sometimes the hosting provider may disable phpinfo execution for security reasons in that case you need to contact your host or login to your cpanel to see if you can view the php configuration from there.

techgist tips: For security reasons once you viewed your php configuration settings and made necessary changes delete the phpinfo.php file from the server.