Responsive design is the most happening thing in the web right now and most of us are familiar with the responsive web design. Responsiveness should be carried throughout the design from images, content to the menu. The navigation menu plays a major role while doing responsive websites because user experience and ease of navigation is our ultimate goal.

Why Responsive Menu ?

Responsive menu is basically a navigation menu that will transform itself based on the screen resolution and devices like desktops, tablets and mobile devices. There are several ways a responsive menus will behave on different devices like,

  • we can change the position of the menu on different screen resolutions.
  • We can change the content of the menu based on the screen resolutions.
  • We can change the menu style from horizontal to vertical on smaller resolutions.

Responsive menus are meant for User experience because it transforms and adapts to the user devices so they can navigate the website site more easily and efficiently.

Download Responsive CSS Menu for Free!

We have build a responsive menu for you to download which is more flexible and easy to integrate on your responsive web designs. Below are the features of the responsive CSS Menu,

  • Fully Responsive Menu
  • Used Google Fonts
  • Valid HTML/CSS Markup
  • Easy to Customize
  • Cross-browser support
  • Icon Support
  • Horizontal and Vertical Menu style
  • Two Level Drop down Menu

You can check the live preview and download the responsive CSS Menu from the below links,

Preview Responsive CSS Menu

Download the .zip file (384KB)

Please do share your comments and questions below.