Pagination plays a vital role in most of the websites, blogs and search engines to present the users to browse through large chunk of a pages into multiple small sections. Paginations are nowadays a necessity in search engines and blogs so making it stand out with CSS styling will help users to access the pages in a better way.

While designing your next CSS pagination styles make sure your follow the best practices for designing your CSS pagination styles.

  • Design the pagination buttons bigger
  • Highlight the current page
  • Use necessary spacing between page links
  • Place Next and Previous Links
  • Place Last and First page links.

Download 20 Best CSS Pagination Styles for Free!

We have designed 20 CSS pagination styles which you can download and use it for your next website.

You can check the live preview and download the CSS Pagination Styles from the below links,

Preview CSS Pagination Styles

Download the .zip file (384KB)

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