After the successful installation of WordPress, the most important thing you have to do is changing the temporary password created by WordPress but unfortunately you can not change the username. Hence, it is possible for a hacker who can easily use a brute force attack on the admin account and take control of your WordPress Admin Panel. So, we advice you to change the WordPress admin user name at the earliest in order to increase security.

To change the admin username to something more secured, follow the below steps:

1. Login to your phpMyAdmin and select your WordPress Database.

2. Then click on “Structure” tab and find wp_users table and click browse icon next to it.


3. Now you can see a screen similar to one below, just click on edit icon to edit the user.


4. Now change the value of the user_login to something more secure and hit go.


5. Now you have successfully changed the default username admin.

When additional security measures are available at no extra cost it’s wise to avail it.