Usually when you lost your wodpress password or forgot your wordpress password you can always reset your password by “Lost Password” link on the login screen which will ask you the username and email address of the account you wish to reset, when entered correctly you will sent with the new password through email.

Sometimes there are cases you forgot your username and email address of the wordpress account you wish to reset in that you can reset your password by editing your wordpress database by following the below steps.

To reset your password of your lost account, follow the below steps:

1. Login to your phpMyAdmin and select your WordPress Database.

2. Then click on “Structure” tab and find wp_users table and click browse icon next to it.


3. Now you can see a screen similar to one below, just click on edit icon to edit the user you wish to change the password for.


4. Now change the value of the user_pass of the user account you wish to change the password and select the “Function” as MD5 to encrypt the password.


5. Now click “Go” button on the bottom right to save the new password.

6. Now you can go to your WP-Admin to login with your new password.