As a developer we always educate our customers about the vulnerabilities and how to protect their websites from hackers and spammers. As a customer you can following the below steps secure your websites.

  1. Limit your access control, meaning don’t create unwanted users to your CMS or FTP, You can also limit access based on IP if you are working from a closed office network.
  2. Create strong passwords and change it periodically.
  3. If you are using WordPress like CMS please make sure you are keeping the core and installed plugins up-to-date.
  4. You can use a SSL to deliver the data to users.
  5. Don’t forget to backup your server periodically.
If your website is hacked or spammed already ? Don’t worry we are here to help you.

When you website is compromised the most important thing will be is to clean and restore your website to working state but cleaning a hacked website is not easy as you think because the attackers may have written or uploaded scripts that will recreate malicious files even if you delete them so a thorough inspection by a security analyst is required in order to find and clean the infected files.

Our security analyst will carry out the following tasks,
  1. Complete Backup of your current files and database.
  2. Find and Clean the Infected files.
  3. Identify how attackers gained access.
  4. Remove your website from blacklist on search engines.
  5. Provide a report on securing your website in future.

Please contact us to remove your hacked website today.