Domain Auction sites allow you to buy, sell, bid & search domains listed for sale by owners of the domain. Most domain auction websites allow you to either bid on a listed domain or buy a fixed price domain.

This websites will also allow an owner to list online business with domain for sale. In such cases some auction website will do a free website appraisal that can be viewed by the buyer.

When a buyer interested to buy a domain or an online business the auction website will always act as a mediator for the buyer and seller to make sure the transaction is smooth. The auction website will take a small percentage of the total transaction amount as a service charge.

If you want to sell your domain or online business you may need to consider the below auctions websites where you can list your domain or online business.

Website Google PageRank Alexa Rank
Sedo 7 1029
Go Daddy 6 60
Great Domains 6 46707
Buy Domains 5 9424
Name Pros 5 2914 5 362034
Website Broker 4 17067
Flippa 4 789
Website Acquire 4 282756
Website Properties 4 78819
Deal A Site 4 48869
Alpha Names 4 10318803
Time-2-Sell 3 1795270
Buy Me Private 3 1676761
Ready Site Sale 3 1761268
Impressive Domains 3 792741
Buy Sell Website 2 58760
Website Trading 2 8196975
Quick Bidding 2 7693679
The Website Sale 1
Your Domain Trade 1
Web9 0 486909
Website To Sell 0 1562228
Flipper World 0 1496404
Site Brokers 0 11101750
Site Toss 0 7912720

Alternatively you can download the above list in excel format below,


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