Recently we got series of complaints from clients who use VIADAT – Store Locator Plugin saying the store locator was not working.  The problem was when we search for a location it always returned with “No results found” message although there was lots of stores added for that location.

After many hours of research and checking finally we made it to work below are the things you need to check if you face the above problem.

  • Upgrade the Plugin
  • Upgrade WordPress
  • Try using a new Google Maps API
  • Make sure that you have the code <?php wp_head(); ?>in your theme’s php file
  • Press ctrl+F5to refresh your browser’s cache
  • Make sure that the permissions of your WordPress folders are 755 and the permissions of the files are 644, include the files and folder of the store locator plugin (you can change permissions using the chmod command in many FTP programs)

I hope the above solutions will be helpful to resolve your problem.