YouTube Direct, you can now have your visitors upload videos from your website and moderate them from an administration dashboard. YouTube Direct consists of 2 components,

Embeddable Uploader

You can embed this video upload widget to your website and customize its look and feel to match your website. Using this widget visitors can upload their videos from your website.

Administration Dashboard

You can use the administration dashboard to create new assignments, review and approve user submitted videos.

How to Install

A well drafted tutorial can be found from the below link,

Quick Facts

1. The Administration Console is designed to run only on Google App Engine. You need to sign up for Google App Engine account to deploy the administration console which is free.

2. Once the administration console is deployed you can access it using a similar URL like below,
http://[application-id] (where [application-id] is the name of your App Engine instance)

3. You can create a new assignment from the Administration Console that will give you the embed code which can be placed on any blog or webpage to enable users to upload videos. Below is a example,

4. Configuration tab on the administration console will enable you to customize settings like,

  • Moderation Mode (ON/OFF)
  • Submission Mode(New or Existing Video)
  • Notification Email
  • Submission Initial Message
  • Post Submit Message

5. User must login to their YouTube account to submit a new video or alternatively they can select an existing video from their YouTube account.

6. You need to create multiple assignments with the desired category to allow users to upload videos on that category because there won’t be an option available for users to upload a video to a category while submission.

7. Below are the fields required to submit a video,

  • Video Title
  • Video Description
  • Tags
  • Date (optional)
  • Location (optional)
  • Phone Number(optional)
  • Email me on Approval(optional – on checking this option user should enter a valid email)
  • Video File.

8. When a video has been approved you must manually take the embed code and post it in a WordPress POST or a webpage to display the video or alternatively you can use some WordPress plugins to grab all videos under a playlists from YouTube to display under a POST.

9. When a video is approved it can be added to specific playlist created in YouTube. If a video has not been approved by the administrator the video stays in user YouTube account.

10. Currently YouTube Direct doesn’t have option for adding additional form fields in video submission form.

Paid Service:

We can install & configure YouTube Direct on your website. Please contact for further details.